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For the 13th time SozialMarie was awarded. We were looking for projects that design and implement socially innovative solutions to societal challenges. 2017 190 applications have reached us from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. 15 projects were awarded on 1st of May at ORF RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

The next application for SozialMarie starts in November 2017.

As of 2017, all projects were to also be submitted in English so as to facilitate international exchange of knowledge and experience. Try consulting our growing database of submitted projects on our website

WHO is invited to submit?

  • People who run projects that deal with current social problems and challenges
  • Applications from individuals, commercial firms, the social economy (civil society initiatives, NGOs, NPOs, associations) and public administration are eligible.
  • Projects from all of Austria, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia will be accepted.
  • For applications from Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany, projects (where they are implemented) must not be more than 300 km away from Vienna (as the crow flies).

WHAT conditions must the project fulfil?

  • The project must comply with SozialMarie’s terms and conditions.
  • The projects must be proven in use and must have a future before them. At the time of submission, they must already have been sufficiently implemented and they must still be running. Neither completed projects nor projects in the planning stage will be accepted.
  • The submitted project must be a socially innovative project in compliance with SozialMarie’s criteria for social innovation.
  • Submission of more than one project is permitted. Such projects must, however, be independent of one another and must be submitted on separate forms. Projects submitted in the past can be submitted again provided they have not been awarded a prize.

HOW does one submit?

  • Applications must be submitted online on our website.

Every submitted project gets its own project profile on SozialMarie’s database.