The application period is now closed


SozialMarie Award

The application period for SozialMarie 2021 ended on Tuesday, 19 January 2021. We received a record number of applications. For the first time in the history of SozialMarie, the country with the highest number of applications was not Austria – Hungary exceeded the number of applications from Austria by one project. This is a sign, that SozialMarie has become truly international. 

We received 299 applications in total this year:

89 from Hungary (30%)

88 from Austria (29%)

54 from Croatia (18%)

43 from Czech Republic (14%)

23 from Slovakia (8%)

2 from Slovenia (1%)


We have  received submissions from projects dealing with a wide variety of challenges, with diverse target groups. Most of the projects seem to be coping well with the pandemic-related changes, and some projects have been explicitly created as a reaction to the challenges of the pandemic. This shows the great flexibility in the socially innovative sector!

Thank you to everyone who helped us spread the word about our call for applications! And of course, thank you to all the social projects for applying!

In the next step, every application will be carefully read and evaluated by two independent, expert-evaluators from the country in which the project is located. Shortlisted projects will be sent to the international jury-team, who will take a deeper look into the projects and discuss them in light of SozialMarie’s criteria for social innovation. The best 15 social innovations will be awarded the SozialMarie on May 1, 2021 at a celebratory online event.

Also, YOU have the chance to award an additional prize to one of the nominated projects! Be a juror for a day and cast a vote to your favorite project at our Audience Award! To make sure you don’t miss any of our events, follow us on social media and sign up here for our newsletter: