The call for applications is closed



The submission phase for SozialMarie ended on January 23, 2023. 288 projects from 6 countries reached us! Now the projects will be reviewed by our international evaluators.

The large number of committed projects aimed at positive social change impresses us more and more every year. We have made it our mission to pinpoint the most innovative of these initiatives and not only value them in their work by awarding them, but also to bring their solutions to the attention of the public. 


Some key data: 

A total of 288 projects were submitted this year: 88 from Hungary (31%), 71 from Austria (25%), 50 from Croatia (17%), 40 from the Czech Republic (14%), 29 from Slovakia (10%) and 10 from Slovenia (3%).

86% of the projects came from civil society. This is not a novelty in the world of social innovations, nevertheless we are also happy about the 10% that submitted from the economic sector. We would like to see more innovations from the public sector!

The most represented fields of action this year are education, social welfare & healthcare and diversity. The crises and challenges that are currently testing us leave us unsurprised by this distribution. At the same time, we also draw conclusions for ourselves, because we are already achieving very well in some fields, while in others we can and should continue to drive social innovation forward. We are looking forward to seeing which innovative solutions the evaluators will present to the international jury in the coming weeks!


Thanks to everyone who shared our call in their networks and helped us to reach so many projects! Of course, also a big thank you to all the projects that applied!  

We'll be in touch again at the end of February to announce the nominations for the SozialMarie 2023. Don't miss it, sign up for our newsletter!