TTA4you - Transgender Team Austria 4 you

Advice for Trans * Inter * and homosexual persons in Austria

Lower Austria
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Adult education / Awareness raising
Psychosocial impairments
Age of the target group:
all age groups
Gender of the target group:
those who cannot or do not define themselves either male or female
Project owner:
TTA Transgender Team Austria
Responsible person:
Sam Vincent Schweiger
Votes in total: 10

What is it about?

We help with the topics: Transsexuality, Intersexuality & Homosexuality! We advise, support and inform transsexual people and their relatives / partners on their way to living their identity. We provide help with coming-out, mobbing, choosing doctors and therapists, looking for a job and providing education in schools, offices and media.