A Table for one

Charity project helping homeless people by getting a hot meal from participated restaurants several times a week

Czech Republic
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Poverty / Homelessness / Indebtedness
Age of the target group:
above 60 years = seniors
26 - 60 years = adults
19 - 25 years = young adults
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
NADĚJE, pobočka Praha
Responsible person:
Hejduková Dominika
Votes in total: 31

What is it about?

Project participate restaurants in Prague and Slovakia offering hot meals for free and a table to the one homeless client of the project several times a week. Frequency and time of the client's visits is up to the owner of the participated restaurant. NADĚJE chooses our clients in Prague, Sant' Egidio community in Slovakia. NADĚJE is also the professional guarantor of the project.