Mini Award Ceremony with #Zukunftslaut


Cena SozialMarie

Thank you #Zukunftslaut for visiting us at our office and congratulations for winning a SozialMarie prize! The mission of the project "The voice of the youth" is to break filter bubbles and to bring together people from different generations and cultures.

Young people often struggle to make their voices heard and have a say in political decisions that affect their lives. The public debate is now taking place mainly on social media platforms, which contributes to the further polarisation of opinions and increases the divide between “we and the others”. A group of young people in Austria took the matter into their hands and initiated the project #Zukunftslaut to help people break out of their opinion-bubbles. They developed a radically participative approach to enable dialogue between different generations and opinion groups. The project proves, that online media channels can not only tear people apart, but also bring them together in a constructive dialogue.

We have enjoyed the mini award ceremony at our office together with our founder, Wanda Moser-Heindl and Rebekka Dober from YEP.austria.

*The photo is licensed under the CCbySA 3.0 license.