Mini Award Ceremony with IG24


SozialMarie Award

Mini-celebration with the winner of SozialMarie's first prize "Labour dispute and care".

Anna Leder from the initiative IG24 was our guest at the SozialMarie office as Wanda Moser-Heindl (Unruhe Privatstiftung) handed over the precious statue from a safe distance - then we talked about the project over coffee and cake.
The first prize of the SozialMarie went to the grassroots organization of migrant live-in caregivers. Live-in caregivers are mainly coming from Eastern Europe, they are not protected by labour law, excluded from most social services and are often forced to accept intolerable working conditions. Now they take the problem into their own hands and fight for their rights!
*The photo is licensed under the CCbySA 3.0 license.