Committed volunteers support single-parent families

Jelölt 2013

Ország: Ausztria

Régió: Bécs

Szektor: Civil társadalom / Szociális gazdaság

Tevékenységi területek: Család

Projektgazda szervezet: Kontaktstelle für Alleinerziehende

Felelős személy: DSA Eva-Maria Nadler

Honlap: Tovább a honlapra

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Single parents often live close to or even below the poverty line and therefore cannot afford to pay for any relief or support in their daily lives. When even the immediate family circle is unable to help, a volunteer'from outside' can be a good solution. This volunteer assists the single parent and acts as an additional caregiver for the children, but above all the volunteer has the time to talk, to help with homework or to organize leisure activities, depending on what extra help is needed and what has been established in the work arrangement. The volunteer becomes an ‘extension’ of the family through their continual presence.