Discover Prague in a Different Way

1 000 eurós díj

winner 50200
Ország / Régió:
egész Csehország
civil társadalom/szociális gazdaság
Tevékenységi területek:
Célcsoport kora:
19 - 25 év = fiatal felnőttek
Célcsoport neme:
minden nem
Projektgazda szervezet:
Pragulic – Discover Prague in a Different Way
Felelős személy:
Tereza Jurečková

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The project „Discover Prague in a Different Way“ employs homeless people as tour guides in the city of Prague. The aim of our project is not only to employ homeless people but also to empower them and give them a chance to share their stories and knowledge with others. Beause no one knows the streets of the city better than people who spend there most of their time.

A zsűri elismerése

Homeless people, who are typically only conceded a place on the margins of the city, are centrally positioned as city guides and can share their perspective of the city publicly. Through ‘Discover Prague in a Different Way’, they talk while others listen; others ask questions, while they give the answers. Self-empowerment that is also paid for. In addition, the realities of life as a homeless person are taken more seriously than before. Homeless people are moving from the margins a little more into broader society.