Intercultural Mentoring for Schools

2 000 eurós díj

winner 8
civil társadalom/szociális gazdaság
Tevékenységi területek:
óvodapedagógia / iskolai és főiskolai intézmények
migráció / interkulturalitás / etnicitás
Célcsoport kora:
19 - 25 év = fiatal felnőttek
12 - 18 év = fiatalok
0 - 11 év = gyermekek
Célcsoport neme:
minden nem
Projektgazda szervezet:
Plattform für Kulturen, Integration und Gesellschaft
Felelős személy:
Mag. Dr. Susanne Binder

Miről szól a projekt?

Multilingual students with a migration- or refugee-background regularly go to schools in Vienna and St. Pölten to support the pupils. The mentors are role-models and motivate the children to study. They help to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. The mentoring-program has been running since 2010, today we work with 40 mentors and 26 primary, secondary, grammar and economical schools.

A zsűri elismerése

“Intercultural Mentoring” is innovative in a relaxed way. It is professionally constructed and offers a clear framework as well as continuity. That is why it can be applied to concrete needs in a school or in a class. It is essential that it only takes place inside school and always in coordination with the teacher in charge. Reflection and documentation happen continuously. Success is unequivocal. The mentor as an example strengthens the student’s self-confidence, her or his biography shows the student what is possible, and the adult’s concrete attention motivates him or her to learn. Overall, the mentors’ work by no means has a selective effect – rather, it strengthens the entire class community.