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and the importance of failure In modern society


A tankönyv közügy

Szimfónia Program

Zeneoktatás és társadalmi integráció

Energy Savings Service of Caritas Styria


Eshop promoting and supporting people with disabilities

Arche Herzensbrücken - Building Bridges from Heart to Heart

Inclusion and a taste of normal life for families with severely diseased children

Trans Sex Workers: Destigmatization and Empowerment!

Comprehensive Actions and Approaches for a taboo target group


Multicultural get-together are for all generations

listen, paint and print

An art education project for substance abusers

The dosage

a peer theatre project for prevention of addiction

From human for human

Supporting people in need - integral help for people who lost their dignity

Specialized Online counseling for disabled young people.

A unique way to remove barriers and help.