Travel agency Bezbatour - social company

Nominacija 2013

Zemlja: Češka Republika

Regija: Provedba u cijeloj zemlji

Sektor: Civilno društvo / Društvena ekonomija

Polja: Invaliditet

Nositelj projekta: Various Society NGO

Odgovorna osoba: Bc. Tomáš Hauser, DiS

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?

The CA Bezbatour is a social company offering to its clients guaranteed accessible, personally inspected and documented tours and accommodation facilities, what is a service unique and still missing in the Czech Republic. The project is from the idea to its realization a work of people with disabilities. The CA Bezbatour employs 11 persons from the target group at all positions, including the director.