Luschnou Hometown Project

Nominacija 2013

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Vorarlberg

Sektor: Civilno društvo / Društvena ekonomija

Polja: Migracije

Nositelj projekta: Culture Factor Y - Autonomer Jugend- und Kulturverein

Odgovorna osoba: Michael Hollenstein


O čemu je riječ?

Adolescents in Lustenau, the third ‘youngest’ municipality in Austria, should feel a greater sense of affiliation to their immediate living environment. By reflecting critically both on their personal histories and that of their own families and by exploring the historical development of their local community, they will put down roots more readily, no matter where they or their family originally came from. Interviews, factory tours, cooperation with the municipal archives, intergenerational exchange, story-telling sessions over coffee...The display panels developed as a result make the joint work visible in the communal space over the long term.