Change is possible

3. nagrada 2015

Zemlja: Češka Republika

Regija: Provedba u cijeloj zemlji

Sektor: Profitna produzeća

Polja: Zakonski prijestupi

Nositelj projekta: A-GIGA Ltd.

Odgovorna osoba: Věra Babišová

Internetska stranica: Poveznica

O čemu je riječ?

We prove that the released ex-offenders are able to re-socialize if the support is comprehensive and starts sufficiently early before the release and continues afterwards. The project offers employment in the prison, obtaining the approved qualification, working skills, life competences and comprehensive support after the release – employment, accommodation, solution of life situations.

Ocjena žirija

Vinarice prison mainly accommodates repeat offenders with ever new, long-term sentences. Upon release, without material and social support, their return into prison is almost certain. To be able to do something whilst in prison, and what more is: something that prepares for the world “out there”, is worth its weight in gold. With innovative vigour, 'Change is Possible' builds a bridge for an unpopular target group. A bridge from a closed system into a world that has not only become foreign but downright hostile for the former detainees. So far, this bridge has mostly stood firm: 18% – instead of the usual 70% –had to return to the closed system. If all cooperate, then several such bridges could be built.