The Agents of Equality

2 000 eurós díj

winner 5
civil társadalom/szociális gazdaság
Tevékenységi területek:
felnőttképzés / tudatosítás
migráció / interkulturalitás / etnicitás
nő-/férfispecifikus munka
Célcsoport kora:
minden korosztály
Célcsoport neme:
csak nők
Projektgazda szervezet:
SPOLU-Slovenko o.z.
Felelős személy:
PhDr.Anton Bobák

Miről szól a projekt?

The project deals with gender equality, human rights and rights of ethnic groups. It supports simple Roma women living in Roma settlements, chooses leaders from them, trains them, helps them to organize and to take responsibility for their lives as well as the lives of their relatives. It provides social inclusion. It uses the methods and tools of social help, community and people development.

A zsűri elismerése

One of the “Agents of Equality“ declared that the issue at stake is equality between women and men, between Roma and non-Roma – actually between everyone – it’s about equality full stop. To start with women in minority communities who are generally disadvantaged assures maximum leverage. For everybody. Self-assurance is learnt more easily in an innovative context. And it very obviously brings joy. The effect? For the first four classes, children of the child development groups are no longer relegated to special schools automatically, without testing. The Roma community and especially the Romnija have become much more visible for everyone. Change comes from inside. On a voluntary basis – that is a principle.