Living Memorial

2,000 Euro Prize 2017

Country: Hungary

Region: Implemented nationwide

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Migration, Mental health, Work

Project owner: Humán Platform Egyesület

Responsible person: Homoki Andrea

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

For over 1,000 days, LM’s been demonstrating the counter-memorial erected of the personal relics of our fellow-Hungarians in the very city of Budapest. We’ve been staging open-air discussions for everyone who accepts the rules of a moderated debate on the traumas of the past and present. We use the social media to organize the discussions that are taped and made freely available.

Appreciation of the Jury

Several hundreds of these “moderated discussion circles” have thus taken place since March 2014. They are to sustainably prevent the inauguration of a memorial that denies Hungary’s complicity in crimes committed during the Nazi occupation and they are to keep discussions about them alive. Other localities with dubious monuments are also occupied, temporarily, and debates are held there. Another issue is to talk about history – family history and national history, forever afresh, with ever changing participants. “Living Memorial” has proven pretty tenacious. Self-organised perpetual debates have themselves turned into monuments – of a rather innovative kind – in the public sphere. And they mean to spread…