Nominated 2021

Country: Hungary

Region: Budapest

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Awareness raising, Community development, Other

Project owner: Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány: Radio9 ;Ferencvaros Community Foundation: Radio9

Responsible person: Nemesné Singer Edina

Website: Weblink


Radio9 (“Rádió9”) was launched as an online radio station in response to the shortage of outreach and information from local governmental institutions before the 2019 municipal elections. After the elections, we continued to inform the public as a civilian watchdog. Due to the pandemic, the need for information increased.


We created Radio9 as a communications channel as civilians on city district affairs and encourage civic activity. The topics and programmes are decided and created by staff members living or working in the district.


Radio9 is a local media and community development project; it addresses community members of this highly diverse district, including civilians, entrepreneurs, politicians, local experts, and artists. Radio9 is low-tech; it is also easy to share our radio programmes, which can reach up to tens of thousands of local households.


As local civilians, we aim to protect our neighbourhood and strengthen democratic values, civic activity, and social discourse. We also develop channels of participation and demand transparency in local government. Our aim is to involve and work together with more local people to become a social, civic media platform.


Radio9 has a diverse team of local civilians. Our programme serves as a watchdog to inform the public about local affairs. Our strategy of initiating and leading discourses on local public life can be transferred anywhere.