Nominiranci 2011

Država: Slovaška

Regije: Implemented nationwide

Sektor: Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

Področja dejavnosti: Drugo

Lastnik projekta: Odyseus

Odgovorna oseba: Katarina Jiresova

Spletna stran: Weblink

What is it about?

Initiative started based on the impulse of young activist in 2009. Still it is voluntary based, with no funding. It has 4 main segments: •Web page for general public, with special section for people living with HIV, which has the up to date information, and includes positive dating zone. •Online counselling for general population, special positive online counselling (by PLWH for PLWH), counselling for PLWH (Skype, phone, e-mail, in person) •Meetings of people living with HIV •Searching for and referring to health care services, who are also willing to serve people living with HIV.