Creation-Oriented Social + Integrational Model Programme in the Hétes Settlement of Ózd

Lastnik projekta: Van Helyed Alapitvany

Odgovorna oseba: Kriszta Bodis


1,000 Euro Prize


Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

What is it about?

A settlement called Hétes, inhabited by some 400 Roma, is in a dismal state: since the decline of heavy industry in Ózd after 1989, there are virtually no opportunities to find work. As part of the project, residents are stimulated to engage in ‘creative work’ (including, but not only, at summer camps) in order to improve their circumstances. In the process, houses were renovated, public toilets and pools built, street lights restored, total cleaning and disinfection carried out, school attendance increased, and vegetable gardens set up, ...All this was made possible with the help of volunteers from Hétes and elsewhere, and a permanent presence on site. In 2012, parts of the project will be taken over by the government.

Pohvala žirije

On the one hand, basic needs are met and social facilities established. On the other hand, everything starts from a belief in the fundamental, inherent creativity of individuals. Thus, work is not performed for the residents, but with them. This principle of the initiator clearly mobilised a great deal of local energy and allowed people to rediscover belief in their own ability to accomplish change through their own actions. Sustainable social and human rights work in a ghettoised Roma settlement is proving effective. The great variety of creative social work by authorities also impressed us. We would like to contribute to the sustainability of this project by awarding the SozialMarie prize.