2.000 Euro Preis 2022

Land: Slowakei

Region: Landesweit umgesetzt

Sektor: Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Handlungsfelder: Außerschulische Bildung, Berufsqualifikation, Bewusstseinsbildung

Projektträger: Impact Games

Verantwortliche*r: Jakub Žaludko, Veronika Golianová

Webseite: Link zur Website


Students in schools are unprepared with the skills to solve problems, make decisions, and work together in teams on important global issues. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and schools are overwhelmed and under-resourced. Our programme provides a fun, easy to use game to connect and prepare students to solve current and future global issues.


Gamifactory develops interactive games for students and teachers to learn and work together to solve important global issues from climate change to disinformation. Interactive games are not only more fun for students but also more effective and help improve key skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Gamifactory also develops card and digital games for smartphones for students to use and learn about important issues from home.


Teachers and students are the pioneers of our programme and use our games in schools. We also work with key institutional partners who support incorporating our games in schools and non-formal education. These partners include the Slovak Ministry of Education, SlovakAid, UNESCO, Global Education Network Europe, People in Peril Association, Pontis Foundation, etc. 


We have reached over 10,000 players from the “Aaron’s Dilemma” game on the Google Play and App Store. Our organisation was also awarded the Quality in Global Education Award from the Global Education Network Europe for creating and successfully implementing the game “Aaron’s Dilemma” in schools. We successfully released the card game “Follow me deal with disinformation and hoaxes” in 4 languages; it is currently distributed in 80 schools in Slovakia. More than 150 teachers attended our trainings on game-based learning.


As the project is predominantly online, the entire programme is transferrable to different contexts and regions. All of the games are published in different languages. We are open to developing new translations of our games and providing training on game-based learning in schools to expand our current programmes.  

Würdigung der Jury

Traditional teaching methods are not designed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century; the education system is in need of innovation – and this is exactly, what Gamifactory has to offer. The project teaches key skills through games that fit the realities of young people. These interactive games creatively simulate global challenges, such as disinformation and climate change. By offering fun and free education about social issues, Gamifactory ensures that its innovative initiatives and games are accessible where they are needed most.