Save the Lunch

Nominiert 2023

Land: Tschechien

Region: Hauptstadt Prag

Sektor: Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Handlungsfelder: Armut, Bewusstseinsbildung, Klimawandel

Projektträger: Zachraň jídlo / Save the Food

Verantwortliche*r: Michaela Číhalíková Straková

Webseite: Link zur Website

Worum geht es?

There are 72,000 meals left at the end of the day in company canteens in Czechia, which are thrown away and with them the energy invested in their production and processing. We rescue surplus meals by connecting donors (canteens) with nearby charities that give the meals to their clients. The canteens provide the meals free of charge in returnable boxes. We use existing logistics services for transportation and design the project to be able to operate as efficiently and with the smallest carbon footprint as possible. In this way, the project helps people in need while reducing food waste.