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Have fun with learning and teaching

Hörwürfel - Prostituierte erzählen...

Aufgesprochene Tagebuchtexte von Prostituierten/Sexdienstleister*innen

Does Your Food Have a Story?

Alerting Slovak youth to sustainable consumption and how they can change the world with their purchases

Barber Angels Brotherhood Austria

Sozialer Friseurverein


Selbstbestimmt leben mit persönlicher Assistenz


Liberalizing the access to knowledge

WON-DER Network for integration in education

Civil alliance for the equal opportunities of disadvantaged/roma youth in education

Responsible Citizenship Program

Community Cargobike & Trailer Sharing Platform

Biking together for more livable cities



collective growth

DBT Center

#getthepicture community photo project

Illustrated informational material and exhibition about the experience of domestic violence.