Urban Community Garden "Miracle Gardens"

3. nagrada

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cijela Hrvatska
civilno društvo / društvena ekonomija
Siromaštvo / Beskućništvo / Zaduženost
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Nositelj projekta:
Associaton for sustainable living promotion GARDEN BED
Odgovorna osoba:
Goran Hanžek
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O čemu je riječ?

First functional community garden in Croatia which at the same time serves as test field for low tech solutions in energy, water management and building with natural materials. All users are involved in garden management and maintenace. The important part of the project is complete financial self-sustainability achieved through symbolic fees for renting 50m2 plots.

Ocjena žirija

This is the first project of its kind in Croatia: healthy and affordable food for all who participate, organic farming, conservation and recovery of species diversity, self-organized work on a communal basis, and self-sustaining cooperation in solidarity with one another. The innovative concept has been written about and talked about. Its impact extends far beyond the people directly involved and it has already become a model for other towns and cities. The project is also about resistance to industrialized food production. ‘Miracle Gardens’ demonstrate that a public space can be used productively, opening up possibilities for imagining other community-based initiatives too.