Firefly Club


nominee 50001
Zemlja / Regija:
civilno društvo / društvena ekonomija
Posebne potrebe
Dob ciljne skupine:
od 12 do 18 g. = mladi
svi spolovi
Nositelj projekta:
Firefly Club zur Integration von musisch kreativen Menschen mit Behinderung
Odgovorna osoba:
Christoph Sackl
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O čemu je riječ?

Accessible and inclusive events are thin on the ground in Vienna. Young people with disabilities are thus excluded from many evening events and dependent on appropriate care facilities. The ‘Firefly Club’ seeks to change this. An inclusive team trains young people with learning disabilities to be DJs, who then go on to be involved in regular evening events as DJs in Vienna clubs - for people with and without disabilities. Later these DJs themselves become trainers. In this way, it is hoped a creative platform for people with disabilities can emerge.