Twisted Tales

Educational Toolkit

Nagrada u vrijednosti od 2000 eura

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Zemlja / Regija:
cijela Slovenija
civilno društvo / društvena ekonomija
Prevencija nasilja / Pomoć žrtvama
Vrtićka pedagogija / (Visoko) obrazovanje
Umjetnost / Kultura
Dob ciljne skupine:
od 26 do 60 g. = odrasli
od 0 do 11 g. = djeca
svi spolovi
Nositelj projekta:
Institute for Transmedia Design
Odgovorna osoba:
Sara Bozanic
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O čemu je riječ?

Twisted Tales Educational Toolkit is aimed at educators and parents to teach kids critical life lessons through the Twisted Tales method of participatory teaching where fairy tales become a tool to teach social values and skills, and the kids become stars of acceptance in their lives - through storytelling, drawing, sound creation, and animation.

Ocjena žirija

Fairy tales with a contemporary twist for children of the present. For example, Cinderella becomes the tale of Cinda Real: A girl who lacks a leg and wants to attend the big ball. She finally succeeds therein, but she declines the marriage proposal of the prince. She wanted to dance, not get married. The analogue and digital teaching and learning materials are applicable in schools or at home, in groups or in individual settings. The children learn to be creative. In the images for the animated films and the stereotypical images in society. An innovative twist.