SBS - Small Business Starter

2. nagrada 2008

Zemlja: Austrija

Regija: Gornja Austrija

Polja: Migracije, Zakonski prijestupi, Rad

Nositelj projekta: Justizanstalt Suben

Odgovorna osoba: Obstlt. Gerd Katzelberger

O čemu je riječ?
Prisoners who have been sentenced for being in breach of residency laws are allowed to serve a shorter sentence, if they declare their willingness to leave Austria. SBS, a project based in Suben Prison in Upper Austria, aims to help these prisoners to serve their remaining time in a useful way and to prepare them for a new start in their home country. A German course forms the basis of the ten-month programme. Afterwards, foundation courses in civics/law, IT and commercial arithmetic are taught in a module system. In addition, the participants can take part in a two-month work placement to acquire a basic grounding in the fields of metalwork, woodwork, tailoring, construction and plumbing.
Ocjena žirija
In 2008, the jury awarded the project second place for its “refreshingly creative pragmatism in dealing with a practical observed need (…) in a target group that is not exactly highly regarded by society: black offenders who are facing deportation.”