Mobile App Preventivka

Nositelj projekta: Loono, z.s.

Odgovorna osoba: Aneta Hlavata


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O čemu je riječ?

NCDs are responsible for 80% of the disease burden in the EU and are the leading cause of avoidable premature deaths. The free app reminds people to attend preventive check-ups (relevant to age and sex), helps find a medical specialist, and provides a complex database of evidence-based medical information. It guides the user through a self-exam of birthmarks and breasts/testicles for early cancer detection. By keeping up with our persistence and determination, we support The EU Cancer Beating Plan, The CZ Government’s Health 2030 Strategy, The Healthier Together EU NCD Initiative, SDGs by UN.


Noncommunicable diseases are a leading cause of avoidable premature deaths. One of the primary reasons people die from cancer, heart attacks or strokes is the low level of health literacy; thus, the app Preventivka was launched. It reminds people to attend preventive check-ups, helps find medical specialists, and provides a complex medical information database.


Preventivka empowers people to make informed decisions about their health. The app provides the most complex solution on the market, covering all lifestyle diseases. The project aims to make the app perpetually free for users, so everyone has easy access to evidence-based medical advice regardless of their economic status.


The project cooperates with media houses, commercial partners, medical associations, and governmental institutions. More than this, it works with medical specialists to recommend the app and provide the latest medical advice. Thus far, the Ministry of Health has financed the app twice and continues to promote it.


The biggest impact of the app is an increase in health literacy and preventive check-ups. Users know how to find, understand and apply medical information; they also have knowledge about how to use the health system effectively. All information is evidence-based as the project’s priority is to dispel myths and provide information verified by experts.


From the beginning, the app has been built to be scalable and locally applicable. In Czechia, it is simple to cover not only cities but also smaller communities. However, the possibility exists to easily adjust the project to local government regulations internationally.

Ocjena žirija

The mobile app Preventivka introduces a new, playful way for the prevention of serious diseases. The easy to use, simple app offers a complex set of services, such as setting up a preventive check-up calendar, offering guidance for self-examination, or providing hands-on recommendations for healthy lifestyles. The positive language used by the app and its gamified solutions count as a real innovation in health literacy. The project successfully promotes discussion on the taboo topic of serious illnesses among young adults. Handling sensitive data is a cornerstone of the project idea and is expectedly the key determinant of its future success.