Welcome to Life - helping babies and their mentally ill mothers

Nominovaní 2013

Země: Rakousko

Region: Salcbursko

Odvětví: Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

Pole působnosti: Rodina

Kdo stojí za projektem: Verein JOJO - Kindheit im Schatten

Odpovědná osoba: Heidemarie Eher, MBA, BA, BSc

O čem projekt je?

A multi-professional team consisting of a midwife, psychologist, paediatrician and social worker provides support to mothers who suffer from mental illness. The support is preventative, personalized, based on outreach and continual until the child turns three years old. The mothers, who are often raising the child alone, are strengthened and provided relief at an early stage, i.e. even before giving birth. This permits a stable social network for the family and a secure bond between the mother and infant to emerge. The baby can only develop healthily if the family system is not overwhelmed.