Wissens°raum - die Werkstatt für Neugierige

Cena 1 000 euro

winner 50001
Země / Region:
občanská společnost/ sociální podnik
Pole působnosti:
mimoškolní vzdělávání / pedagogika volného času
Věk cílové skupiny:
všechny věkové skupiny
Pohlaví cílové skupiny:
všechna pohlaví
Kdo stojí za projektem:
Verein ScienceCenter-Netzwerk
Odpovědná osoba:
Heidrun Schulze

O čem projekt je?

The knowledge°room is available in ground floor premises: with square soap bubbles, solid fluids, growing crystals, and similar things. Science comes to visit people for two to three months, invites them to interact. So-called explainers provide support in German, Turkish, Polish, English, Spanish, Russian/Georgian or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Children and youths most of all, to a more cautious extent also grown-ups, take possession of this space with its experimenting equipment that has sprung up in their neighbourhood. So far there have been knowledge°rooms in Hernals, Leopoldstadt, Fünfhaus – other Viennese districts will follow.

Hodnocení poroty

Interactive, attractive, low-threshold, locally embedded, moving on, outside conventional knowledge transfer structures, socially innovative, invigorating on a small-scale. For "remoteness from knowledge" to play no role. For vacant not to turn to derelict. For girls, boys, women, men, grown-ups, youths and children. Some come back again and again and obtain a certificate or they become the explainers' assistants. They experiment with technology and science, alone or with others, are simply curious, learn self-confidence; can tell others what they have made; or what they later want to do with it, maybe.