Interkulturalität im SeneCura Pflegezentrum Graz

Nominovaní 2014

Země: Rakousko

Region: Štýrsko

Odvětví: Komerční podnik

Pole působnosti: Kriminalita

Kdo stojí za projektem: SeneCura AIS Pflegezentrum Graz

Odpovědná osoba: Helmut Müller

Web: Odkaz na web

O čem projekt je?

SeneCura's activity programme aims to get different cultures, generations and religions to communicate with each other. It is the employees first of all who present their countries of origin to the inhabitants of the Care Centre and thus acquaint them with the culture they lived in before their time in Austria. There is, for example, an Indonesian day, a Romanian week, Art from Bosnia or a Russian excursion. The diverse backgrounds of the caring personnel are thus underlined, valued and at the same time integrated as a matter of course into care routine.