When is the time to act if not now?!

Participatory action research about housing movements in Budapest

Cena 2 000 euro

winner 50100
Země / Region:
celé Maďarsko
občanská společnost/ sociální podnik
Pole působnosti:
vzdělávání dospělých/ osvěta
rozvoj obcí, měst a regionů
chudoba / bezdomovectví / zadluženost
Věk cílové skupiny:
26 až 60 let = dospělí
Pohlaví cílové skupiny:
všechna pohlaví
Kdo stojí za projektem:
Közélet Iskolája
Odpovědná osoba:
Udvarhelyi Éva Tessza

O čem projekt je?

The Time to act participatory action research was realized by 9 people living in housing poverty and two trained reseachers to explore the history and achivements of housing struggles to support current housing movements. The results of the research were presented to the public through a traveling exhibition and several workshops, which will be followed up by an exhibition in the Kassák Museum.

Hodnocení poroty

Expert knowledge need not happen far from real life. “When is the time to act if not now?!” shows this in an innovative way. Based on a carefully developed research design, the project engages people without a shelter, without a home, or in precarious living conditions. They explore how people in the olden days mobilised for their own rights and those of others. The focus is on the right of everyone to good and affordable housing; and how this right can be fought for. The resulting “collection of best practices” is to inspire today’s and tomorrow’s struggles. At issue is also a sort of “historical emancipation”: because history is made – the question is by whom.