Testing Expertise with Passion for Details

ANECON's cooperation with Specialisterne in supporting people with Asperger Syndrom in software testing

Cena 2 000 euro

winner 8
komerční podnik
Pole působnosti:
práce / nezaměstnanost / odborná kvalifikace
vzdělávání dospělých/ osvěta
Věk cílové skupiny:
26 až 60 let = dospělí
19 až 25 let = mladí dospělí
12 - 18 let = mládež
Pohlaví cílové skupiny:
všechna pohlaví
Kdo stojí za projektem:
ANECON GmbH ( in Kooperation mit Specialisterne Österreich)
Odpovědná osoba:
Hannes Färberböck

O čem projekt je?

In cooperation with Specialisterne, ANECON is supporting people with Asperger Syndrom to get qualified in software testing. A solid training paired with a sound practical project preparation will sustainably improve their opportunities in the first labour market. Their entering into work life is followed by professional und social support, within the framework of our program “Managed Start”.

Hodnocení poroty

If people living with the Asperger syndrome are well accepted by information technology companies as certified software testers, then it is not their shortcomings that are in focus – but their special capabilities originating from their illness. Personality traits which, at first view, exclude them from working life then become advantages. And this holds not only for the concrete work itself, but also for the cohesion and efficiency of the teams they are part of. After initial irritation, the special directness of people living with a developmental disorder of the autism spectrum apparently leads to heightened awareness and improved attentiveness of all involved. Innovation thus works.