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Odpovědná osoba: JUDr. Renáta Pankievičová


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Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

O čem projekt je?

The Book Club PAĽIKERAV is about our young Roma students, about the books they read, and about their feelings about these books, that they like to share with you. We are trying to point out, that Roma are not only dancers and singers, but also are good at the other activities. And believe or not reading books is an activity that makes happy these young people.

Hodnocení poroty

Some of the young Romani and Roma put up with hours of travelling to get to their book club. They want to show, as they themselves put it, that they are “not only good dancers and singers”, but that they “also have other, more intellectual hobbies, like reading books”. They have set out to prove this not only to the majority population, but also to their own community. Their success has been stunning. Recognition comes from all around. Also from those who started out sceptical. As if in passing, new projects are created all along. The youths with their book club escape predestination - given patterns of socialisation. Just like that and most innovatively. Paľikerav! Thank you!