Child in Focus

Projektträger: Public Benefit Society SPONDEA

Verantwortliche*r: Mgr. Mariana Zbořilová




Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Worum geht es?

The Child in Focus programme helps families in divorce conflict to alleviate the escalation of parental dispute and its negative impact on children. It is based on the Dutch model No Kids in the Middle and it is based on a group work with children and adults. We are the only organization working this way in the Czech Republic. The centre of interest is given to children whose opinions are very often delayed and disregarded in usual practice. The programme encourages parents to actively change their attitude towards the conflict and teaches children to reflect and express their feelings.


Almost half of all couples in the Czech Republic end in divorce. Divorce is often accompanied by lengthy disputes; parents fail to communicate with one another. Children often become intermediaries between their parents; this conflict affects their psychological and physical health.


Through the Dítě v centru zájmu (“Child in Focus”) programme, parents can see their divorce disputes through the eyes of their children. From this perspective, they are motivated to find solutions that will relieve their children. The programme includes both parents‘ families − new partners, grandparents and others who are important to the families’ communication.


We support children to share their needs safely. Parents are also motivated to take an active role in this situation − the court does not solve all problems; parents must change their views of the conflict. Dítě v centru zájmu provides divorced parents a space to share similar their experiences in group therapy, learn to appreciate the other parent and to communicate non-violently.


In 2018, we published the book “Kamil – the Green Chameleon”, which offers a revolutionary view of parental disputes through the eyes of an affected child. We also organize seminars for advisory institutions. We have successfully worked with more than 150 individuals.


The core philosophy and approach of the programme can also be transferred to any counselling programme with clients or in couple’s therapy. Practices from the programme, such as reflecting conversations or speed dates, can be applied to any programme.


Drawings © Aleš Čuma