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Supporting disadvantaged people through the production of eco products from recycled textiles and plastics in sheltered and social workshops.


Gesundheit ohne Barrieren

Gesundheitsinformationen in Gebärdensprache für gehörlose Menschen in Wien

Sprachtraining & Integrationshilfe

(Sprachtraining & Integrationshilfe)


Centre for information technologies and alternative comunication for people with multiple sclerosis

Místní místním (Locals for locals)

social friendly businesses and neighborhoods


Open Piano for Refugees

Das soziale Musikinstitut "DoReMi"

10 + 10 Brücken

Kreative Arbeitsprozesse im Bereich Tanz und Theater zum Brückenbau zwischen Menschen mit und ohne Fluchterfahrung


You in IT, also

Aladdin program

Intergenerational storytelling groups led by senior volunteers


Uccu Budapest Romani Walking Tours

Uccu Walking Tours

Creative workshops for families in need

Beacon of Hope - for families in material and social need

Wasco - Social Enterprise

“Wasco – Laundry that helps“