Highlights of Social Innovation: 15 Impressive Projects Win the SozialMarie Prize 2024!



We are thrilled to announce the shining winners of the SozialMarie Prize 2024! At a festive gala on May 1st at the Theater Akzent in Vienna, a total of 15 outstanding social innovations were honored. Read below for more about the visionary ideas and inspiring projects from the world of social change positively impacting our society. 

1. prize (15.000 €): housing first austria (Austria) 

2. prize (10.000 €): I stand up for you/I stand up for myself  (Hungary) 

3. prize (5.000 €): Reminiscence in the Museum (Hungary)    


Additionally, 12 prizes, each endowed with €2,000, were awarded to: 

  • Home care training for displaced Ukrainians (Austria) 
  • Community Interpreting (CI) (Austria) 
  • Alles Clara (Austria) 
  • Phralipen (Croatia) 
  • Troublegang (Czech Republic) 
  • Garden biogas plant (Czech Republic) 
  • Pilot Light (Hungary) 
  • Children with long-term medical needs in the class (Hungary) 
  • 20th century in the current struggle for freedom    (Slovakia) 
  • Doctors Tracker (Slovenia) 
  • Solar School Hrastnik (SSH) (Slovenia) 
  • The Incubator for Future Investigative Reporters (Slovenia) 

For details on the main prize winners, the project selection by international patrons, and some photographic impressions of this unique gala, please visit our website at www.sozialmarie.org

Congratulations to all nominated and award-winning projects, heartfelt thanks to our patrons for their commitment, and a big thank you to the fantastic audience at the Theater Akzent.