Cooks Without Homes

2,000 Euro Prize 2015

Country: Czech Republic

Region: Implemented nationwide

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Gender-sensitive work

Project owner: Jako doma - Homelike

Responsible person: Lenka Vrbová

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

Cooks without Homes, a Jako doma´s project, is embodied by homeless women who were at the end of their tether and yet, they didn´t give up. They cook at various events which brings the opportunity to earn some money, to meet with the public, and to support each other. Their great dream is to start up a stable kitchen and a bistro that would provide not only jobs but also a community space.

Appreciation of the Jury

Homeless women cook and counter the cliché of their homelessness, a homelessness that is much less visible than that of men. They draw attention to themselves; they “help” others with good food; they come into contact – through their catering – with very different social classes; they support each other; they collaborate in other project activities... They can – again – build their future. This is an innovative mixture with plenty of potential. Two social stigmata are here killed with one stone. Homelessness in general. And (well-hidden) female homelessness in particular. With this comes very practical help for the women and excellent yet affordable food for many. Add to this the bistro to become reality soon…