Interactive Eco Education

2,000 Euro Prize 2019

Country: Hungary

Region: Implemented nationwide

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Non-formal education, Early childhood education, Other

Project owner: Pro Gemmo Alapítvány

Responsible person: Simkó József

What is it about?

The main objective of our project is to help the younger generation to understand the effects of the global warming, and climate change, and how to reduce the CO2 emission with the help of the every day eco practices. In order to convey the sustainable information to the students, we use augmented reality, and an interactive eco mock-up house.

Appreciation of the Jury

Environmentally friendly and resource saving everyday activities must and can be learned. The younger the learners, the greater the leverage. Children and adolescents are made aware of the mechanisms of global warming in an innovative and multifaceted manner. A warming that threatens planet Earth and all its creatures. Learning for life, very hands-on. So that young people can spread their knowledge, also as part of the new global movement of the young generation against climate change.