Zagreb 041: Football for All

Broadening scope of integration through football

2,000 Euro Prize

winner 50400
Country / Region:
throughout Croatia
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Non-formal education / Leisure education
Adult education / Awareness raising
Migration / Interculturality / Ethnicity
Age of the target group:
19 - 25 years = young adults
12 - 18 years = youths
0 - 11 years = children
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
Football club "Zagreb 041"
Responsible person:
Branimir Šloser

What is it about?

The proposed project aimed at the continuation of efforts of the unique football team Zagreb041 - a non-profit, selfmanaged team with male and female senior teams, actively engaged against racism and xenophobia, committed to work on social inclusion and integration of refugees through sport. The project will put special emphasize on activities with domestic and refugee children and their parents.

Appreciation of the Jury

Zagreb 041 has invented a new way to love and live football. And it thereby uncompromisingly defies all the “usual” trends against minorities and for a simple male image. It is thus unusually innovative in the field: In this democratically managed, inclusive, non-profit football club, migrants, displaced individuals, and locals play football together. The physical and mental development of children has priority over the contest. Thus, the members of the club succeed in attacking the value system of the dominant culture precisely in a location central for its reproduction.