Banyaerdő – Social Enterprise

Nominated 2020

Country: Hungary

Region: Baranya

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Work, Poverty, Community development

Project owner: Udvarom Szociális Szövetkezet

Responsible person: Nagy Krisztina

Website: Weblink


Women in Dencsháza are excluded from the primary labour market due to limited job training and educational opportunities. In marginalised villages and rural communities, there are very few employment possibilities outside of the national public work scheme. Local businesses also have limited market access outside of their villages and regions.


Banyaerdő connects local expertise to create and sell products from the natural resources of rural Dencsháza to urban markets. We work in harmony with the community and natural resources of Baranya county. Our products are based and collected from the forests and fields of the village. Our business model ensures fair wages and equal partnership between community stakeholders.


The target group of the project are socially marginalised communities, particularly Romani women. Banyaerdő has collaborated with this community for many years through local community-building projects. Our team and programme work together with the municipality and schools of Dencsháza, as well as Mecsekerdő national park.


Within less than a year of Banyaerdő’s launch, we developed our products into a brand and sold our products in Budapest. We also created partnerships to wholesale our products directly with Michelin-star restaurants. As communities of Dencsháza helped design and improve Banyaerdő since its initiation, the local community feel a sense of ownership of the business.


Banyaerdő can be implemented in other regions with forests and agriculture. The project can also be successful in places where foraging is permitted.