CD - Neue Rechte für Gehörlose

1,000 Euro Prize 2008

Country: Austria

Region: Vienna

Fields of action: Disability

Project owner: Österreichischer Gehörlosenbund

Responsible person: Mag.a Helene Jarmer

Website: Weblink

What is it about?
It is not generally known that deaf people have difficulties with written language because of their disability. As a result, they are largely excluded from the ability to understand their legal status and the laws that determine their lives (e.g. the Disability Equality Law). In 2008, the team from the Viennese Service Centre, Austrian Sign Language barrierefrei, translated relevant laws, along with their practical effects and the rights they provide, into Austrian sign language. In the meantime, the DVD project has been expanded. It is now combined with printed reports on discrimination and also shows films of case studies in Austrian sign language. When deaf people are taught, informed and advised in their native language, they are able to participate competently in society.
Appreciation of the Jury
The project was awarded a prize of €1000 by the jury in 2008 for its work in “combining practical help with consciousness-raising and political lobbying”.