Dreams of Junk

Cena 1 000 euro 2013

Země: Maďarsko

Region: celé Maďarsko

Odvětví: Komerční podnik

Pole působnosti: Chudoba

Kdo stojí za projektem: Multikulti 2009 Bt.

Odpovědná osoba: Illés Márton

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O čem projekt je?

The clearance day can be a joyful event, where the ’lomis’ the local inhabitants study and create together. On our actions youngsters who hate school can also learn the tools of arts and those can also experience the joy of art, who keep off the cultural institutions. The youngsters make the public spaces lively, create value from the waste and share their thoughts on their blog with the world.

Hodnocení poroty

‘Dreams of Junk’ is the first social-cultural initiative in Hungary that aims its activities at the ‘lomis', Hungary's informal collectors and collectors of used goods. Together with local young people who live in the neighbourhoods, they produce art in public spaces from (no longer) used items. Shared learning as part of such public activities creates a stable framework for social groups to come closer together that would otherwise not have anything to do with each other. The project also allows for a change of image: the ‘lomis' are collecting future works of art, rather than picking up rubbish – and that´s definitely innovative.