Best Practice Stories

The story of the Theatre with No Home

Uršuľa Kovalyk is a writer, social worker and principal actress in the Theatre with No Home project. We asked her about the successes and obstacles experienced by the 2020 SozialMarie prize winning project.

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SozialMarie Award

Mini Award Ceremony with #Zukunftslaut

Thank you #Zukunftslaut for visiting us at our office and congratulations for winning a SozialMarie prize! The mission of the project "The voice of the youth" is to break filter bubbles and to bring together people from different generations and cultures.

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SozialMarie Award

Mini Award Ceremony with IG24

Mini-celebration with the winner of SozialMarie's first prize "Labour dispute and care".

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SozialMarie Award

…and the Audience Award goes to...

The audience has decided! The SozialMarie Audience Award goes to LABOUR DISPUTE AND CARE from Austria! Congratulations to the self-organised group of migrant live-in caregivers!

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Our Events

Social impact measuring – Where are you in the process?

Do you use an impact measurement tool to measure the social impact of your project and organisation? Social impact measurement is an important tool for monitoring our impact and demonstrating the legitimacy of our activities, and at the same time a learning process that can inspire more and more innovations. This blog post is about two impact measurement systems and a related workshop.

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Social Innovation Insights

Applications for the SozialMarie 2021

What do the submissions for the SozialMarie tell us about current social trends and problems?

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