‘When I Think of Home’. A Street Book

1,000 Euro Prize 2012

Country: Austria

Region: Salzburg

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Poverty, Art

Project owner: Straßenzeitung Apropos

Responsible person: Mag. Michaela Gründler

Website: Weblink

What is it about?
The text and photo book shows a reality to readers that would otherwise remain hidden to most. Fifteen street newspaper authors, under the guidance of the writer Walter Müller, write autobiographical or fictional accounts of what ‘home’ means to them. The sponsors also answer this question. The street newspaper vendors present themselves to the public in their stories, in the photos, in their writing, and reading aloud in front of an audience. They performed in the Festspielhaus during the Salzburg Advent Festival, with celebrities in the Odeon theatre, at the Rauris Literary Festival, and received the Salzburger Volkskulturpreis 2011 (Salzburg Folk Culture Award 2011). They are also booked specially for readings. The book is also doing well on the street, with more than 3,000 copies sold already.
Appreciation of the Jury
Finished art from society’s margins: the homeless write about ‘home’. This contradiction grabs attention, so that we who are not homeless dare look. The changed frame re-redirects our gaze, giving us a different focus. The view that the authors have of themselves also changes and they become more self-aware. We hope that some people’s social awareness has even been changed as a result. Another Street Book is planned in 2012 on the subject of ‘Paths’. This book will also present street newspaper vendors who are not Austrian. The SozialMarie jury hopes it will enjoy at least equally great success.