Locals for Locals – Inclusive Neighbourhoods

Project owner: Místní místním, z.ú

Responsible person: Mgr. Ester Pacltová




Civil Society / Social Economy

What is it about?

We create a new platform where local businesses (e.g. restaurants) and their customers are the helpers, while beneficiaries are people in need. The places involved carry the project logo showing they offer free services (e.g. free water, access to the toilet) and vouchers for products that customers can prepay (e.g. meal). The project´s innovativeness lies in a new approach to create offer of direct help towards people in need and people without home right in their living environment. By appropriately formalizing services, the project makes it easier to deliver support and reliably draw on it.


Over 23,000 people in the Czech Republic are homeless; thousands more live in hidden homelessness in shelters and hostels. The needs of these communities are usually addressed only from institutions. This disconnect contributes to social exclusion and isolation. Furthermore, people who would offer their help lack the training, information, and platform.


Sociálně přívětivá sousedství (“Locals for Locals”) integrates and brings direct support to the daily lives of local communities through a platform to connect those who can help with people in need. This solidarity reduces social exclusion and divisions between marginalized communities and society. The result of the programme is an active neighbourhood, which can support anyone in need


For the first time in the Czech Republic, commercial businesses, social services and the public cooperate to offer direct assistance to people in need. Cafés, shops etc. offer small free services (e.g. water, toilets), the public can also pre-pay a voucher for coffee, meals, events etc. Social services distribute this information to people in need.


The project network is a courageous and creative addition to institutional social services. The  platform creates social bonds among different communities. People in need can find support where they live. This impact flourishes with its direct "bottom-up" approach; it does not connect “programme clients”, but neighbours, acquaintances, and friends.


The Sociálně přívětivá sousedství network operates only in Prague, but its values ​​and expertise can be further expanded in other cities and countries. The project has the potential to become a social inclusion counsellor in other municipalities and is also relevant for other target groups.


Photo 6 ©  Bistro Střecha