The Last Shall Be First - Youth for Youth

Cena v hodnote 1 000 Eur

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Krajina / Región:
celé Maďarsko
občianska spoločnosť/sociálny podnik
Polia pôsobnosti:
práca / nezamestnanosť / odborná kvalifikácia
Vek cieľovej skupiny :
12 - 18 rokov = mládež
Pohlavie cieľovej skupiny:
bez rozlíšenia pohlavia
Vlastník projektu:
Snetberger Music Talent Public Benefit Foundation
Zodpovedná osoba:
Tromposch Julianna

O čom to je?

Our project is designed to complete the professional music programme of the Snétberger Music Talent Centre. It is an innovative model of educational and social services fostering real social mobility among disadvantaged and/or sensitive groups: Roma students, former pupils from our centre, and college students from notable institutions.

Ocenenie poroty

Role models from the same social community show what opportunities there are for self-development. In ‘The Last Shall Be First - Youth for Youth’ programme, such ‘role models’ are available at several levels simultaneously. Far from being divorced from the real world, the project presents entirely achievable possibilities. In this way, the generalized view of the permanent vulnerability of the Roma minority is contradicted in the minds of the minority itself, thereby setting in motion action leading away from the the socially prescribed framework so that social mobility can begin.