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Eko Limach Fest

Children’s Eco Festival


Overcoming barriers – finding one's voice: Turkish-speaking storytellingcafé for (expectant) mothers

Maternity and migration

Help for Families and Children with Special Needs

Avanti BC Center for Rehabilitation Support Croatia

BRIDGE - For more

Lets conquer Budapest with love

StudioGuard - barrier free audio engineering in non commercial radios


Projekt Omama

Dajme šancu deťom v generačnej chudobe získať základy pre lepšiu budúcnosť


Solution. Quickly. Localy.

Budujeme rozmanité komunity


Visits in the Dark

We are a social startup founded by the blind with the help of those who see. We visit the elderly wherever they might suffer from loneliness.


Web interface and mobile smartphone application offers map, navigation and information about barrier-free locations throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

Health counselling in the emergency shelter und warm room NORD

Health counselling for the clients of the emergency shelter and the warm room NORD

Self Awareness Film Workshop

Outside the systems