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Circuses without animals

Enforcing a ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses in the Czech Republic


Safe and active ageing

We help seniors to experience their age safely healthy and happily.

Support group for the bereaved after the death of drug-addicted family members


Podpora skvalitnenia výučby informatiky a budovania digitálnych zručností mladej generácie

Open Religion


DÁT2 Psy Help

free volunteer help services at parties and festivals

Football without borders

Education through football

Healthy Children

Program of the future for children and youth

CF Hero

A unique coach and friend for teenagers to fight Cystic Fibrosis

Why could we not help everybody, why could we not try this?

Young & Old

Intergenerational work in geriatrics

Creating an Ecological "Village House" in Kóspallag