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Super Romanes Language Program

We will help you !

Calm school

Stress management for children, teachers and schools

Not to stay alone

Advocative accompanying and practical support of children and their families in a difficult life situation, raising public awareness about the principles of family-centred care.


Streetwork In Chat

Who Will Catch You When You Fall Through The „Net“?

Social bistro Strecha

Social, cooperative & vegan bistro in Zizkov

Bezpečné miesto

Bezpečný ženský dom & Poradenské centrum– funkčný poradenský a rezidenčný systém pomoci pre obete domáceho násilia v Nitrianskom kraji

School PB

Participatory budgeting at primary schools in the Czech Republic

Little Dragon kid's donation application

Little Dragon kid's donation application

Greening the margin: Building cooperation and public goods among Roma and non-Roma communities in Hungary

Greening the margin

FiP - Frühstück im Park FiP - breakfast in the park


WIEN LEBT…auf der Wohnstraße