'Active Bolaring'

Nominovaní 2015

Krajina: Rakúsko

Región: Salzbursko

Odvetvie: Verejná správa

Polia pôsobnosti: Migrácia

Vlastník projektu: Stadt Salzburg, BewohnerService Maxglan & Taxham

Zodpovedná osoba: Dr.iur. DSA Andrea Hohenwarter

O čom to je?

Around 1,100 people live in Bolaring housing estate at the outskirts of Salzburg. From the very beginning, Bolaring had a “broken glass neighbourhood” reputation, no doubt because the majority of its inhabitants are not part of the social and cultural mainstream of society. “Active Bolaring”, initiated by the municipality’s inhabitant service, wanted to strengthen neighbourly solidarity. The resulting gain in self-assurance was to contribute to improving the housing estate’s image, also in the media. Success! An important contribution to all this came from the weekly transcultural cooking sessions. Bolaring housing estate has now published its own cookbook “Buchteln, Börek and Bolani” – which sells wonderfully.